Pet Keeper Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Pet Keeper Interest Badge
  1. Present evidence that you have kept and cared for your pet for at least months.
  2. Show a knowledge of nutritional requirements for your pet, with particular attention to the differing nutritional requirements of the very young, very old and young-adult animal.
  3. Name at least three common ailments suffered by your breed of pet and show a basic knowledge of the treatment for these ailments.
  4. Either exhibit your pet at a pet show (not necessarily professionally), or breed your pet and show the offspring to the examiner.
  5. Produce evidence that you have trained your pet to respond either to your voice or other signals.
  6. Show a knowledge of the history and origins of the animal which you keep as a pet.
  7. Show the examiner your pet so that he may satisfy himself as to its condition.
  8. Explain first aid treatment for a broken bone, severe bleeding and an open wound in your pet.

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