Plumber Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Plumber Interest Badge
  1. Demonstrate the use of five important plumber's tools.
  2. Make a drawing and explain the operation of the hot-and-cold water supply system in a house.
  3. Cut, thread and connect two pieces of galvanised pipe.
  4. Demonstrate your ability to solder copper piping. Include one tee, two straight pieces and one coupling.
  5. Submit a sketch plan to explain the drainage system of the plumbing in a house. Explain the purpose of the various components in the sketch.
  6. Demonstrate how to clear a choked waste pipe.
  7. Demonstrate a knowledge of the operation of a septic tank.
  8. Demonstrate the joining and laying of waste pipes.
  9. Adjust a toilet cistern to stop it overflowing.

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