PowWow: 1979 Report

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Cub Pow Wow 1979[edit]


Report by Akela Gail McEwan
Ack: 12th GASP magazine

A Pow Wow is a getting together of all Pack Scouters from the Republic of South Africa and Rhodesia, to discuss matters relating to our boys, its a time for swopping ideas and making new friends.

This year the Pow Wow was held at Gilwell Park, Florida in the Transvaal. I was lucky enough to he able to go and I would like to thank the Committee for the gift of"R50-00 towards my expenses.

The theme of the Pow Wow was Gold mining. On the Friday afternoon after the official welcome and. opening we had a "Gold Rush" treasure hunt and even had to dig for the "loot". At our first Pow Wow session we discussed highly topical subjects such as the role of parents in Cubbing (it was agreed that they should become more involved!), the Pack Scouters uniform (maybe I got the message across that we Old Wolves in the Pack are the only ones in the whole Group who do not wear blue), and the Group Scoutmaster (at which everyone was amazed that our Smoky involves himself so much with Group activities, we are indeed lucky to have him from what I heard!). On Friday night we saw a film called "Cuboree" from which I have learnt thousands of good ideas and intend to try them out shortly.

Saturday was our sightseeing day when we were taken down the Simmer and Jacks Mine. We spent 3½ hours here and found it worth our while. Lunch was at a Scout Hall in Winchwood (Did I turn green when I saw their beautiful hall - but consoled myself with the fact that the Committee was working on this problem!) Then from the bowl of the earth to dizzy heights, that of the 50th floor of the Carlton Centre. Once back at base camp, we had a braai and campfire with the rest of the Transvaal.

Sunday saw us up with the sunrise Scouts Own Church service. In the second Pow Wow session we discussed topics concerning the new syllabus for cubs which might come into effect from 1980/81, also Cubbing in the home (it was agreed that more tests could be done at home - but not too many as we would then be out of a "Job") and the value of these Pow Wows. Lunch was with the Chief Scout. Then came the highlight - the Idea market from which I learnt how to make a duplicator for under R5.00 (anyone wanting the recipe please contact me), ideas for our A.G.M., new sense training games and putting music across to the boy.

The Pow Wow ended with a magnificent banquet, where we were given a printed menu with a photograph of the delegates, as well as a small bottle of perfume du Pow Wow! A concert followed which saw the Cape Western completely out of breath. An experience well worth repeating.

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