PowWow: 1989 Report

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Cub Pow Wow 1989[edit]

4 to 6 May

Handcraft Base - Dawn Murphy and Karin Schweigardt demonstrate bead and clown making to Jean Gobey

Report by Joyce Horsell - Assistant Area Commissioner Cub Training

Seventeen delegates from the Cape Western Area made their way to the Jacaranda City by train and by plane to attend this gathering.

On arrival we were each given a bag of "goodies" and divided into groups named after trees growing in the Area.

We enjoyed a full programme which included a Scouts Own during which Charlie Buty gave us a most interesting yarn on what .the words POW and WOW ·meant to him. We attended discussion groups, and new games were demonstrated.

A scenic drive included a visit to the Union Buildings and Fort Klapperkop ending up with a scavenger hunt at the Menlyn Shopping Centre.

We attended a Mayoral reception, took part in a variety concert - of course our item was one of the best! - collected new ideas from a Skills Bazaar and had lots of fun at the Boeresport Challenge.

The roving video cameraman (our movie star was Mrs Thelma Wynne) was always on hand to catch the unwary; the tree planting, caring and sharing bases, badge swopping market, souvenir shop, banquet and campfire activities all helped to make the Pow-Wow unforgettable, thanks to Mrs Hendrina Bester and her hardworking team of helpers

And so the spirit of Pow-Wow lives on

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