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Cub Pow Wow 1991[edit]


Report by Mary Shears
Ack: Cape Western Scouter August 1991

Thursday 8 May 1391 was a typically beautiful Cape autumn day. The valley of Jonkershoek was full of glorious green, gold and copper shades with a backdrop of smoky blue mountains, log cabins and a cloudless blue sky. A perfect beginning to our National Cub Pow-wow at Okkie Jooste camp, Jonkershoek, near Stellenbosch.

Participants arrived laden with blankets and luggage, tired after travelling through the night in many instances, but with happy grins and welcoming hugs and handshakes. A grand reunion for many pack scouters. Unfortunately two groups from Natal did not arrive as planned. One bus had been lost and had broken down at Heilbron and the other had an accident before leaving Natal and had had to cancel. What a disappointment for them.

The Mayor of Stellenbosch opened Pow-wow and the Scout band looking so smart in their blue and white regalia made us all feel very proud. Soon Pow-wow was under way, with discussions and adult interest bases well presented and including tie-dying, potpourri, candle wicking, paten working, stained glass, paper-making, marbling, woodcarving, belt-branding, toffee-apple asking, pressed Flowers, simulated wounds and reflector oven baking. There was something for everyone.

The full contingent
The Western Cape contingent

Our first night was perfect for a campfire, expertly put on by Colin Inglis, Buzz- Macey, Peter Foster and Cliff Shears. What a combination of talent and humour. The best campfire yet finished with a goat dance. Imagine ten pack scouters all giving the goat salute. This was indeed to be the formal greeting between the scouters for the rest of the Pow-wow and caused a lot of fun.

The lost Natal group arrived on the second morning, just as the coaches were leaving to tour Cape Town, bringing the number of people in camp to 185. In true scouting spirit (BP would have been proud of them), after driving all through the night, those pack scouters snatched a bite of breakfast, washed their faces and lined up for the sightseeing coaches. Through to Cape Town, but alas no trip up Table Mountain as the wind was too strong. Shopping in Cape Town, a visit to Groot Constantia historical wine estate, on to Hout Bay for fish and chips and a ride on the boat out to Seal Island, with a new look at Chapman's Peak from the water's edge. Then on past Noordhoek's long white beach, to Fish Hoek, Muizenberg and a stop for tea at the Sea Scout base at Sandviei. Back along Baden Powell Drive to Stellenbosch and a relaxing film in the evening.

A talk on conservation/recycling by the Forestry Department followed by bases inspiringly set up by our different districts, on the pathway through Cubbing. The afternoon brought a walking tour through Stellenbosch and a drive over the Franschoek Pass to the Huguenot Memorial.

The banquet on Saturday night welcomed many guests of honour and was a fitting finale to our Pow-Wow. The Alabama Malay choir entertained and had everyone singing and clapping. After the speeches and presentation of wonderful mementos from the other areas, the guests of honour were led out of the hall by a piper (one of our pack scouters) playing a medley of Scottish Laments on his bagpipes. Then the farewells began and scouters parted, some left for home, some to pack for an early departure the next morning, but all around were hugs and well-wishes and cries of "See you next Pow-Wow", and a feeling of pride to belong to this movement where scouters of all races can come together and share ideas and interests, form friendships and have a lot of fun together. What a good idea the Pow-Wow is - how else would we meet with our friends in the extreme parts of South Africa? I can't wait for the next one in the Transvaal in 1993.

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