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Cub Pow Wow 1997[edit]

Report by Arlene Johnston - Somerset West


The 1997 National Pow-Wow was organised by the Northern Transvaal Area this year. At first our group was not really interested in travelling that far but Yvonne Driver persuaded us that to go by train would be a lot of fun. That was the start of one of the best scouting events I have been to!

We had 35 delegates from Cape Western - 28 of them travelled by train! We all met on the Cape Town station on Wednesday morning 30th April with feelings of great excitement. The train journey was really very good - much to our surprise as we had been warned that travelling by train these days was not all that pleasant. We could not complain. There was an immediate feeling of camaraderie among the Pack Scouters and for the next 28 hours we had a super time, even singing our cub songs when we came into major stations, much to the delight of the folk sitting there! We arrived in Pretoria two hours late but did not have to worry as the organisers of the Pow-Wow decided to postpone the opening ceremony until our arrival.

The Cape Western delegates

We were met at the station by beaming Scouts who drove us to the venue, F R Thomlinson Centre, about 30 km north of Pretoria. After quickly placing our luggage etc. into our respective rondavels we had the opening ceremony and the taking of the photographs. From then on it was 'all systems go!' for a wonderful week-end of sharing, learning and discussions. The friendly rivalry between Gauteng (Transvaal), red/white scarves, and Cape western, blue/white scarves was ever present with our distinctive chants.

We had two wonderful banquets with the most wonderful decor - the trouble that was taken with the tables was breath-taking. We brought many ideas and gifts back with us! On Thursday evening we had a campfire. Friday evening was the evening for our Area Plays which were performed in front of all the Pow-Wow delegates as well as some 50 invited guests!! Our play - A Fashion Show of 'Clothes made from Junk' and a Rap Song about Conservation went down very well. Saturday evening was the farewell banquet with the handing over of all the Area gifts. We gave the Northern Area a white Table cloth and serviettes - all the delegates signed the table cloth which was then embroidered in the Cape western blue

The full delegation

We were taken on a day's outing on the Friday. We toured the State Theatre, seeing the theatres, Opera houses and the background workings of the whole thing. We went into the one small Opera House and thereon the stage stood one of the groups of Scouters who immediately turned around and entertained us with a Campfire song - Three Chocolate Eclairs - we were all very amused as those scouters can now tell their grand children that they sang at the State Theatre!! We went to the Union Buildings and then on to a farm very similar to Klein Plasie in Worcester. Very interesting especially as we were given a treasure hunt which meant that we saw everything there was to be seen with our hunting for the clues. Most enjoyable.

Saturday was devoted to bases - we learned and did so many super things and came away with many, many wonderful ideas that can be put to use in a Cub Pack. Maybe some Scouter out there can make up a booklet of the ideas so that they can be shared with the rest of the Cape Western Area!

Both Friday and Saturday evenings ended with us all staying in the dining room, till after 02h00 in the morning singing our hearts out. The feeling of togetherness and friendship in that room was something to be experienced and not to be missed! After the banquet on Saturday there was a spontaneous swapping of scarves which caused some confusion afterwards as we didn't know who was who! Even the bus drivers the next day were confused as they were expecting a certain 'colour scarf' to climb into the bus and were met by something totally different! we came back with 'red/white, black/white and dark green scarves.

We very reluctantly boarded the train back to the Cape but I think everyone will agree that this Pow-Wow was a great success - thanks to the dedication and hard work put in by the Northern . Transvaal Area. We congratulate them and thank them most warmly.

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