PowWow: 2004 Report

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Cub Pow Wow 2004[edit]

Report by Jenny Duncan, Gauteng Area


WOW !!!, I am all Pow-Wowed out! What a weekend, what a lot of fun! I set off on Saturday morning with two Pack Scouters in a car that was so crammed with luggage that it looked as if we were going away for two weeks. Heronbridge was as welcoming to us as it had been the previous year when we attended Pac Yac. We were all put into different forts as per the Siege of Mafikeng.

Pow Wow began with a very moving Opening Ceremony attended by the Chief Scout and the Area Commissioner. We felt very special. After the opening, we spent the rest of Saturday playing war games (I finally washed the mealie meal out of my hair on Tuesday, when I got home), and generally had a lot of fun and getting to know everyone around us. This apparently was the only way to get to know everyone, by pelting them with mealie meal bombs!! It was great fun and set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday we all went to Gilwell on two double-decker Metro buses. Everyone set up their bases and we were shown how to make dream catchers, beaded teaspoons, sand candles and goodie bags amongst other talents. When the bases were finished, we went to the Sea Scout Hall and had supper and were entertained by the Calendar Girls. Enough said! After the campfire, we boarded our buses again and wound our weary way back to Heronbridge, singing more songs than we had ever sung before, thanks to Milton, who nearly got us thrown off the bus. We eventually arrived at Heronbridge at about 10.30pm still singing dancing along (thanks to our KwaZulu Natal ladies who taught us how to Toy Toy).

On Monday, after a discussion about whether to lower the age for Cubs joining, or letting them stay longer after their 11th birthday, we again boarded the buses, this time three single-decker buses, and visited the Lion Park, a glass blowing factory, and then joy of joys, Monte Casino. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed into the Casino (spoilsports) but watched the truly amazing bird show at the Bird Park. We were made to feel very special by Stephan the Bird Man. He made a special welcome to the entire Pow Wow contingent. It was over all too quickly and we then had to board the buses to get back. We lost Alfred the bus driver for Central Area, who had decided that gambling was much more preferable to birds, and after dire threats to leave him behind (the other two buses had already left) he arrived carrying his bag of money 20 minutes late, and we set off home again. We practiced our skit and then it was time for the banquet.

Well, what can one say when you are confronted by such a display! We couldn’t believe our eyes, how the tables had been laid, the decorations, the whole scene, was just fantastic.

The theme depicted Mafikeng and with the cannons, bullets and placemats, we could easily have thought we were really there. A piper piped in the special guest, who was Mr Carveth Geach, an ex Chief Scout, and his wife, who spoke to us so beautifully. The meal was lovely, and it was a truly magnificent banquet. Everyone did their skits, which were hilarious, and we all had a marvellous time and a good laugh.

After the banquet we went back to our forts, and drank coffee, hot chocolate and talked until the early hours of Tuesday morning. We didn’t want the evening or Pow Wow to end. We knew that we wouldn’t see our new friends for a long while, which saddened us, but promises were made to see each other again in KwaZulu Natal in 2 years time. I am sure my memories of Pow Wow will see me through until then.

Special thanks must go to our hostesses who mothered us during the weekend. They were truly magnificent as were the Pow Wow Committee who put this weekend together. They deserve the highest praise for their hard work and organisation. I only hope the next one will be as wonderful as this one was. KwaZulu Natal will have to work very hard to beat this.

This was my first Pow Wow, but it certainly won’t be my last. KwaZulu Natal, here I come!

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