Public Health Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Public Health Interest Badge
    1. Discuss the principles of sewage purification and disposal. Obtain practical information from an official of your local authority.
    2. Explain how a community can dispose of sewage safely if there is no sewage treatment plant.
    3. Take part in installing a hygienic lavatory in an Area that does not have waterborne sewerage.
    1. Discuss the principles of refuse disposal as it is applied in your local authority. Visit your local refuse disposal site in the company of an official of your local authority.
    2. If there is no municipal or other refuse disposal unit where you live, discuss the dangers which can be created if household refuse is not disposed of efficiently. Show that you practise hygienic refuse disposal at your home.
  1. Name six diseases which can be prevented by immunisation in childhood. Know where and when these immunisations can be obtained.
  2. Learn something about the two most important infectious diseases occurring in your community. Discuss the cause, mode of spread, treatment and prevention of these two diseases with the examiner.
  3. Describe two simple methods if making water fit to drink. Show that you practise three basic methods of promoting good food hygiene in your home.
    1. Take part in a health education project involving at least 20 families.
    2. Take part in a project to ensure a clean water supply in a place that does not have piped water.
  4. Discuss some of the problems caused by human over-population.

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