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The form of the competition is a weekend of hiking from one base to another, with an overnight camp on the trail. It is aimed at Senior Scouts in the Western Cape. An annual competition (normally at the start of each year) since 1954, it has been held every year without fail, and was named in honour of and as a tribute to Carl "Serpent" Rayner, who was one of SA Scouting's 1908 founder members and main SA Adult Training initiator together with his wife.

About the Rayner Trophy

The Rayner Trophy, usually held in March in the Western Cape, is a senior Scout hiking competition. The competition usually starts at about noon on a Saturday, and ends late afternoon on Sunday. The start and end location is usually only disclosed on Saturday and Sunday respectively. The Chief Judge is also not disclosed until the start of the competition, all to make it more interesting.

The Scouts hike from base to base, with various activities along the way such as:

They may also be requires to complete various Spare Time Activities (STA) such as:

  • Drawing a panoramic sketch of an area
  • Completing a quiz about Scouting or current affairs
  • Carving something out of a bar of sunlight soap

They would usually be required to cook dinner and breakfast to be judged for points.

The history of the Rayner Trophy

Carl Rayner.jpg

Towards the end of 1953, a group of Commissioners decided to hold and introduce a separate competition for Senior Scouts, to compete for a new Trophy. It was hoped that this competition would give a lead and set a standard for Senior Scout activities in the Division (Western Cape Area). The form of the competition, which over the years has never changed, was to be a weekend of hiking from one base to another, with an overnight camp on the trail. Only one entry per Troop of 4 Scouts was allowed and the ages were restricted to not younger than 15 years and not yet 18 before the competition. The actual place of competing was to be kept secret until after the start, which many times never took place at the original place of meeting.

It was first competed for over the weekend 10 to 11 April 1954, hiking around farms in the Stellenbosch area, with an entry fee of 4/- (4 shillings, approximately 40 cents). Teams had to travel by train to Stellenbosch station for the start at 2pm sharp, in full uniform with staff, knotting rope, pencil, several sheets of half foolscap paper, sleeping kit of a waterproof sheet with sufficient blankets (there were no ‘sleeping bags’ yet), torch, ‘camp’ uniform and personal kit each.

Teams had to supply wax crayons, ingredients for a well balanced breakfast, 25 white cards 2” x 1” (inches convert to 5cm x 2.5cm), ½ pound (500g) Plaster of Paris, a sheet of drawing paper, nature study book (this was later to become a logbook), 50’ (feet convert to about 17m) lariat laid rope 1½” (inch converted 3.7mm) circumference. All kit had to be carried in rucksacks (like a draw-string tent bag) or haversacks and total weight had not to average more than 30lbs (pounds converted 15kg) per team member. The first winners were 7th GASP.

The Chief Judges over the years have been many, Alex "Silver Fox" Maspero (Assist. Divisional Commissioner) was the first, followed by to mention a few; ‘Fatty’ Rutter, Frank "Kudu" Quinn, Colin Inglis, Reg Scott, ‘Bunny’ Bennington, Kevin Wall, Paddy Milner, Richard Goldschmidt, Errol Kotze, John Mutti, Kuba Miszewski, Buzz Macey, Charles Howell, Anton de Roo, Mark Smuts, David van Eyk, Gary Irwin, Peter Nieuveld and Nigel Forshaw.

Competitions have taken place in many locations with some many amazing themes, from Gilcape area, Du Toits Kloof to Bainskloof, along many various beaches, Muizenberg to Kalk Bay, on and across Table Mountain range, once on bicycles around Elgin (the start place of this competition with a Siege of Mafeking theme was placed as an ad in the Saturday morning paper just before the competition), Tygerberg Hills, Wolseley area, Tokai to Simonstown, up the Witels River (this was a tough one), Kleinmond, Cape Point, Cederberg area and even on Robben Island. The 1984 Robben Island caused quite a stir when teams were dropped off in the ocean and had to swim about a kilometre with kit to the Island, simulating the British Falkland Island conflict at the time. Another was the 1995 ‘Skeleton Coast’ re-enactment of the ‘Duneden Star’ survivors, getting huge publicity and newspaper coverage at the time as teams were put through ultimate survival challenges at Ysterfontein beach area.

An annual competition (normally at the start of each year) since 1954, it has been held every year without fail, and was named in honour of and as a tribute to Carl "Serpent" Rayner, who was one of SA Scouting’s 1908 founder members and main SA Adult Training initiator together with his wife. Gilray Scout Training grounds in Grassy Park also bears ‘Gilkela’ (as Carls wife was known) and Rayner in the name in their honour.

1st Pinelands holds the record for the most wins over the years, with 22 wins.

Carl "Serpent" Rayner

See A Tribute to Carl "Serpent" Rayner to find out more about Carl Rayner's life.

Rayner Trophy Winners

Year Venue Judge Winners Photo
2020 Hawequas Nigel Forshaw 1st Claremont 1st Claremont Rayner Trophy 2020.jpg
2019 Bainskloof to Hawequas David Bosch 1st Claremont 1st Claremont Rayner Trophy 2019.jpg
2018 Grotto Bay to Koeberg Nature Reserve Devon Bowen 1st Claremont Rt2018 1stClaremont.jpg
2017 Highlands / Kleinmond Greg Stopford 1st Bergvliet Rt2017 1stBergvliet.jpg
2016 Du Toits Kloof to Bainskloof Nigel Forshaw 1st Monte Vista Rt2016 1MonteVista.jpg
2015 Fish Hoek to Kirstenbosch Morgan Irwin 1st Pinelands Rt2015 1stPinelands.jpg
2014 Monteith/Kogelberg Mountains Tony Rebelo 1st Pinelands Rt2014 1stPinelands.jpg
2013 Glencairn to Smitswinkel Thomas Schrick 1st Pinelands Rt2013 1stPinelands.jpg
2012 Assegaaiboskloof to Jonkershoek Nigel Forshaw 3rd Pinelands Rt2012 3rdPinelands.jpg
2011 Noordhoek to Simon's Town Nimmy Abrahams 2nd Somerset West
2010 Hout Bay - SMC - Appleton – Sandvlei Peter Statham 2nd Fish Hoek
Report (pdf)
Rt2010 2ndFishHoek.jpg
2009 Bainskloof Nimmy Abrahams 2nd Somerset West Rt2009 2ndSomersetWest.jpg
2008 Chapman's Peak to Hout Bay Beach Tony Rebelo 2nd Somerset West Rt2008 2ndSomersetWest.jpg
2007 Olifants River / Beaverlac Nigel Forshaw 1st Hermanus Rt2007 1Hermanus.jpg
2006 Robben Island Peter Nieuveld 1st Durbanville
Report (pdf)
Rt2006 1stDurbanville.jpg
2005 Kleinmond / Betty's Bay via beach Gary Irwin 2nd Fish Hoek
2004 Kalk Bay / Glencairn David van Eyk 2nd Fish Hoek Rt2004 2FishHoek.jpg
2003 Villiersdorp Nigel Forshaw 2nd Bergvliet Rt2003 2ndBergvliet.jpg
2002 De Kelders / Hermanus via beach Mark Smuts 1st Pinelands Rt2002 1stPinelands.jpg
2001 Table Mountain Anton de Roo 3rd Pinelands Rt2001 3rdPinelands.jpg
2000 Kleinmond / Betty's Bay via mountain Richard Goldschmidt 1st Pinelands
1999 Karbonkelberg Charles Howell 1st Pinelands Rt1999 1stPinelands.jpg
1998 Witels Kuba Miszewski 1st Pinelands
1997 Simonstown / Cape Point Peter Foster 1st Pinelands Rt1997 1stPinelands.jpg
1996 Grabouw / Nuweberg Richard Goldschmidt 1st Pinelands Rt1996 1stPinelands.jpg
1995 Yzerfontein / Silwerstroom Beach Buzz Macey
Report (pdf)
1st Pinelands
1994 Bainskloof / Tweedetol Richard Goldschmidt
Report (pdf)
2nd Kenridge Rt1994 2ndKenridge.jpg
1993 Noordhoek Peak / Vlakkenberg HoutBay Kuba Miszewski 1st Durbanville
1992 Grabouw / Nuweberg Richard Goldschmidt 2nd Kenridge Rt1992 2ndKenridge.jpg
1991 Grabouw to Houwhoek to Lebanon Peter Foster 2nd Hout Bay
Report (pdf)
1990 Elgin Valley on Bicycles Goldschmidt, Kotze, Mutti 1st Durbanville
Report (pdf)
Rt1990 1Durbanville.jpg
1989 Bainskloof / Baviaanspoort Richard Goldschmidt 1st Pinelands Rt1989 1Pinelands.jpg
1988 Hawequas to Du Toits Tunnel John Mutti 2nd Somerset West Rt1988 2SomersetWest.jpg
1987 Tokai to Simonstown Kevin Wall 1st Pinelands
1986 Yzerfontein / Silwerstroom Beach John Mutti 1st Pinelands
1985 Bainskloof / Tweede Tol Michael Sage 1st Pinelands
1984 Robben Island John Mutti
Report (pdf)
1st Somerset West
1983 Wolseley Richard Goldschmidt
Report (pdf)
1st Somerset West
1982 Du Toits Kloof to Krom River Kevin Wall 2nd Rondebosch Rt1982 2ndRondebosch.jpg
1981 Grabouw to Steenbras Kloof Errol Kotze 1st Pinelands Rt1981 1stPinelands.jpg
1980 Elgin to Bot River on Bicycles Errol Kotze 1st Pinelands
1979 Sir Lowrys Pass to Nuweberg P Milner 12th GASP Rt1979 12thGasp.jpg
1978 Bainskloof to Du Toits Kloof Richard Goldschmidt 1st Pinelands
Report (pdf)
1977 Nuweberg Richard Goldschmidt 1st Pinelands
1976 Swartklip Cape Flats Norman Osborne 2nd Rondebosch
1975 Riviersonderend Kloof to Nuweberg Kevin Wall 3rd Pinelands
1974 Silvermine to Red Hill Kevin Wall 2nd Rondebosch Rt1974 2ndRondebosch.jpg
1973 Fisantekraal Airport Colin Inglis 1st Pinelands
1972 Witels K "Bunny" Bennington 1st Pinelands Rt1972 1stPinelands.jpg
1971 Tygerberg Hills Reginald "Reg" Scott 1st GASP Rt1971 1stGASP.jpg
1970 Du Toits Kloof to Bainskloof Colin Inglis 2nd GASP
1969 Elandskloof to Du Toits Kloof Alan Gooch 2nd Pinelands
1968 Melkbosstrand Beach Colin Inglis 1st Worcester
1967 Franschoek / Grabouw on Bicycles Colin Inglis 2nd GASP
1966 Du Toits Kloof to Bainskloof Colin Inglis 1st Worcester Rt1966 1stWorcester.jpg
1965 Muizenberg / Kalk Bay Caves ? 1st Meadowridge
1964 Du Toits Kloof to Kromrivier Colin Inglis 2nd Rondebosch
1963 Elandskloof to Du Toits Kloof Colin Inglis 1st Pinelands
1962 Bainskloof Colin Inglis 7th GASP
1961 Melkbosstrand Beach Colin Inglis 1st Pinelands Rt1960 2ndGASP.jpg
1960 Du Toits Kloof to Bainskloof Colin Inglis 2nd GASP
1959 Cape Flats to Gilcape E "Fatty" Rutter 2nd GASP
1958 Kraaifontein to Gilcape E "Fatty" Rutter 2nd GASP
1957 Gilcape Frank "Kudu" Quinn 2nd Rondebosch
1956 Gilcape E "Fatty" Rutter 1st Bellville
1955 Gilcape Alex Maspero 7th GASP
1954 Stellenbosch Alex Maspero 7th GASP

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