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Badge requirements[edit]

Religion And Life Interest Badge

NOTE: The Examiner must either be a Minister / Priest of the religious body to which the Scout belongs, or some person appointed by his religious body. The Scout is required to complete the requirements of ONE of the following religions.

Christian Requirements:

  1. Have passed the Religion and Life Scoutcraft Badge and be prepared to demonstrate any of those requirements.
  2. Scripture Knowledge
    1. Know which Gospel is generally accepted as the oldest and tell the Examiner about the Author.
    2. Explain how the Church spread in the days of the Apostles.
    3. Explain the meaning of Psalm 73; John 15: 1-14.
  3. Practice
    1. Regularly attend the services and religious instruction at your place of worship.
    2. Have a rule about Daily Prayer and explain why Daily Prayer and Daily Bible Reading are important.
  4. Understanding
    1. Describe what is meant by a Prophet and name two major Prophets and two minor Prophets.
    2. Explain Paul's part in the growth of the early Church and draw a map of his first missionary journey.
    3. Explain the meaning of Conversion, Faith and Salvation.
  5. General
    Answer questions relating to your religious order and procedures at the discretion of the Examiner, who will bear in mind your age.

Jewish Requirements:

  1. Recite 10 Commandments.
  2. Produce a statement from your teacher that you have satisfactorily completed a year of Hebrew study after the age of 13 years or compose Hebrew letter or story of at least 100 words.
  3. Maintain regular attendance at Synagogue services (Friday evening ,or Saturday morning) for at least one year.
  4. List the major charitable organisations in the Jewish Community and tell of their purposes.
  5. Tell why each of these is famous: Baal Shem Tov; Gaon of Vilna; Moses Mendelsohn; Theodor Herzl; Bialik; Albert Einstein; Henrietta Szold.
  6. Read another book of Jewish biography or history and tell about its contents.
  7. Write a summary of the course of study required for Confirmation (Reform) or explain the Laws of Kashrut (Orthodox).
  8. What are your 5 favourite sayings from the Ethics of the Fathers band explain them.

Muslim Requirements:

  1. Recite principles of Islam (Arkanul Islam).
  2. Recite articles of faith (Arkanul Imaan).
  3. Write a summary of Arkanul Islam and Arkanul Imaan.
  4. Study of authentic sources (Qur'aan and Gadeeth) of Knowledge.
  5. Why are each of the following persons famous:
    1. Algebra,
    2. Tuan Guru,
    3. First Muslim in S.A.?
  6. Study of ethical viewpoints in Sura Hujarat.
  7. Study of the sources of Shariah.
  8. Write an essay on each of the following Ghalifas:
    1. Abu Bakr (RA);
    2. Umur (RA);
    3. UTHMAAN (RA);
    4. ALI (RA).
  9. Read a biography of the Prophet.
  10. Observe fard solaah.

Hindu Requirements:

  1. Recite and know the meanings of the Tshwar Upasana Mantras.
  2. Learn the Mantras for health and family welfare.
  3. Know and explain the terms:
    1. Yoga
    2. Renunciation
    3. Law of action
    4. Non-Violence
    5. Yagna and Sanskar
    6. Punarjamma
  4. Know the four Stages of Life : Ashrama
    1. Brahamacharya Ashrama
    2. Grihastha Ashrama
    3. Vanaprasha Ashrama
    4. Sannyasa Ashrama
  5. Be able to talk on the Saints and Sages of Hinduism:
    1. Vardhaman mahavir Swami
    2. Saint Manikkavasagar
    3. Guru Nanka
    4. Goswami Tulsidas
    5. Saint Ramalinoar Swamigal
    6. Swami Shardahanand
  6. Religious Stories
    The three Yogas of the Bhagavad Githa

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