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Rover World Scout Moots[edit]

The first World Rover Scout Moot was held in 1931 and following ones were held almost every four years until 1961.

World Moots were replaced by World Moot Years between 1965 and 1982. This change was with the aim of increasing the number of events and accessibility to Rovers.

In 1985, the World Scout Conference decided to reinstate World Moots and in 1993 decided to hold them every four years.

A Moot is a gathering Rover Scouts on an informal basis with plenty of special activities, sight-seeing and getting to know each other, and useful discussion while all that is happening. The word "Moot" is an Old English word meaning assembly or gathering.


Ireland Malahide Castle, Dublin
19 to 28 July

The 16th World Scout Moot will take place in Ireland from 19th - 28th July 2021. The entry point to the Moot will be Dublin City. International Patrols will then explore the many wonders of Ireland on a collection of exciting and interesting trails in local countryside. The Patrols will then return to Dublin for the base camp feature of the Moot before returning home.

The inspiration for the World Scout Moot logo is the Giant’s Causeway, located on the northern shoreline of Ireland in the County Antrim

Rover World Moot 2021 Logo.jpg

Iceland Úlfljótsvatn Scout Centre and camping sites,
25 July to 2 August

The theme of the 15th World Scout Moot was ‘Change’.

The Opening Ceremony is in the capital Reykjavík, and this is followed by patrols setting off to the 'Expedition Camps' for four days. The participants then all meet at Úlfljótsvatn Scout Centre for more activities and the Closing Ceremony.

Rover World Moot 2017 Logo.png

Canada Awacamenj Mino Scout Camp in Low, Quebec
8 to 18 August
2500 Participants from 81 countries

The Opening Ceremony of the Moot was highly impressive with the Governor-General and Chief Scout of Canada, his Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, officially opening the Moot in front of the Canadian Houses of Parliament.

Rover World Moot 2013 Logo.jpg

Kenya Rowallan Scout Camp, Nairobi
27 July to 7 August
1600 Participants from 66 countries

The 13th World Scout Moot took take place in Kenya and was the first time the World Rover gathering was staged on the African continent.

Rover World Moot 2010 Logo.jpg

Taiwan Hüalien
28 July to 11 August
2500 Participants from 86 countries

This was the first time the World Scout Moot was held in Asia and never before have so many countries and territories been represented on a World Scout Moot.

Rover World Moot 2004 Logo.jpg

Mexico Teutiuacan near Mexico City
11 to 24 July
5000 Participants from 71 countries

Great friendships made and experience had, one of the memorable moments of the Moot was to see 5,000 Scouts climb the pyramids at Teutiuacan. And then as we had a panoramic photo taken of all of us on the pyramid and surrounding temples, with one side shouting Ogi, Ogi, Ogi - to provoke a response from the opposite temple, it really was international friendship gone mad.

Rover World Moot 2000 Logo.jpg

Sweden Ransäter
15 to 26 July
2608 Participants from 79 countries

'Spirit into Action' The Moot site was at Ransberg, situated in the county of VŠrmland, in the west of Sweden, near the river KlarŠlven and surrounded by forests and hills.

Rover World Moot 1996 Logo.JPG

Switzerland Kandersteg
July 27 to 4 August
1410 Participants from 51 countries

The 9th World Scout Moot took place in the Swiss Alps and more than 1400 Rovers from 52 countries participated and spent unforgettable days in Kandersteg.

Rover World Moot 1992 Logo.jpg

Australia Gilwell Park, Victoria
December 1990 – January 1991

From the 8th World Moot, the event was renamed World Scout Moot because the term Rover is not used in many countries.

Rover World Moot 1990 Logo.jpg

Australia Melbourne
27 December 1961 to 7 January 1962
969 Participants from 15 countries

Rover World Moot 1990 Logo.jpg

England Sutton
3500 Participants from 61 countries

The 6th World Rover Moot was held concurrently with the 9th World 'Jubilee' Jamboree and the 2nd World Scout Indaba. The events marked dual milestones as it was both the 50th anniversary of the Scouting movement and the 100th anniversary of the birth B P.

Rover World Moot 1957 Logo.jpg

Switzerland Kandersteg
3300 Participants from 38 countries

Scoutmaster R G Nuns of 5th Bloemfontein was the leader of the SA contingent.

Rover World Moot 1953 Logo.jpg

Norway Skjak
2500 Participants from 40 countries

Rover Scouts from the 4th World Rover Moot were the first guests at Skjåk Turistheim. In those days, campers formed the majority of the guests.

Today at Skjåk Turistheim they offer camping, hotel standard accommodation, well equipped Norwegian cabins (“hytter”) for self-catering holidays, guest lounges and conference rooms for up to 120 persons.

Rover World Moot 1949 Logo.jpg

Scotland Monzie
3500 Participants from 42 countries
Held at Moot at Monzie Castle in Scotland

Rover World Moot 1939 Logo.jpg

Sweden Ingaro
30 July to 8 August

"The Moot at Ingaro was a significant step in the history of International Scouting because these Rovers were the on-coming men of affairs in their respective nations, making actual friendship with one another, and thereby sowing the seeds of that mutual good-will which should go far in the future to prevent recurrences of those differences in politics or commerce, which in the past have led to war".

This is an extremely rare VIP's pin (in those days in Sweden they used metal pins instead of pocket patches). The bronze was available with a solid background for VIP's or with a cut out background for participants. They were also made in silver and gold and used as prizes.

Rover World Moot 1935 Logo.jpg

Switzerland Kandersteg
3300 Participants from 20 countries

By 1931, Rovering had established itself internationally to the extent that it saw the organization of the first World Rover Moot in 1931 at Kandersteg, Switzerland.

The only Official World Moot badge for 1931 was a metal badge as shown here.

Rover World Moot 1931 Logo.jpg

It would be nice to add to the stories of South Africans who have attended these Moots and should you have any addition information it would be most welcome

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