Rowing (Boatman) Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Boatman Interest Badge
  1. Pass or have passed the requirements for the Watermanship Scoutcraft Badge.
  2. Pass or have passed the requirements for the Swimmer Interest Badge or carry out all three of the following:
    1. be able to swim at least 150 metres in shorts, shirt and socks;
    2. be able to swim 250 metres in any style;
    3. be able to remain afloat for at least three minutes (using clothing inflation).
  3. List the basic gear, including emergency equipment that should be carried in a pulling boat.
  4. Demonstrate how to load a pulling boat with stores and personnel, and how to 10 trim the boat correctly.
  5. Name all the parts of a pulling boat, oars and rudder.
  6. Sketch three types of anchors, label the parts and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
  7. Explain how to use the Beaufort Wind Scale for determining safe boating conditions.
  8. Know the dangers of and the precautions to be taken against water-borne diseases (bilharzia, Typhoid, Cholera, etc).
  9. Demonstrate the correct procedure to follow for the resuscitation of the apparently drowned using a Rescue-Anne or similar model.
  10. Demonstrate the following splices:
    1. Eye Splice
    2. Short Splice
    3. Dockers' Splice
    4. Back Splice
  11. As a member of a boat's crew, demonstrate your ability to carry out the following:
    1. As Stroke:
      1. Keep an even stroke.
      2. Change the pace in response to commands.
    2. As Crew:
      1. React promptly to commands.
      2. Feather and trail oars correctly.
      3. Pull an oar correctly and in time to stroke.
      4. Have a working knowledge of all the commands.
    3. As Bowman:
      1. Weigh and drop anchor correctly on command.
      2. Take depth readings.
      3. Throw a heaving line from Bowman position to land between two markers 2 metres apart from a distance of approximately 10 metres.
      4. Pick up a small object from the water.
    4. As Coxswain:
      1. Maintain boat discipline.
      2. Execute an emergency stop.
      3. Approach, make fast and cast off from a buoy.
      4. Pick up a small object from the water.
  12. Plot your position on a chart and follow a compass course of at least six bearings.
  13. In addition to the requirements for the Watermanship Scoutcraft Badge, log at least 7 hours of pulling as crew and 3 hours as coxswain.
    Plan, or assist in planning, and complete a journey of not less than 6 hours in a gig. Keep a log of the journey. In both cases the log must be certified by your Troop Scouter.

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