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An overview of the advancement system from Membership through to Springbok (old programme) and Traveller through to Springbok (new programme). This includes the requirements each scout must complete on his or her journey through the advancement system.

Old Programme (until end 2018)[edit]

Advancement levels[edit]


Pdficon.gifScout Trail - Springbok (PDF)

The Springbok award is the highest award achievable by any Scout in South Africa. The completion of all requirements for the Springbok Award must occur before the applicant’s 18th birthday, with the exception of the final panel interview.


Scout Advancement Badge gallery[edit]

Personal advancement[edit]

The Scout reference card (or “green book”) is designed to be able to fit into the shirt pocket of a scout’s uniform. This is a very useful tool for the scout as it allows him or her to have a personal visual representation of what advancement they have completed and what they still need to complete. 
This allows them to track their progress as they advance through the system. The Scout Advancement Green Book (PDF)

The Scout trail and Badge Book[edit]

New (Entsha) Programme (from 2019)[edit]

There are five advancement levels (previously six): Membership, Traveller, Discoverer, First Class and Springbok.

Traveller Discoverer First Class Springbok
“I am Learning to be a Scout” “I am Learning to be an APL” “I am Learning to be a PL “I am a Leader of Scouts!”

For each advancement level, there are six theme badges that have to be attained. These theme badges are:

One a Scout has obtained a theme badge within an advance level, they have the opportunity to move on to the next level theme badge without having to complete the entire advancement level. This allows the Scout to pursue the educational activities they enjoy. However, there are limits as to how far a Scout may advance with theme badges. It should also be noted that a new Cord has been added to the existing Bushman's Thong, Airman Cord and Seaman's cord. There is now a Service Cord that a Scout can attain.

Advancement Levels[edit]


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First Class[edit]

See First Class Advancement Level.


See Springbok Advancement Level.

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