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Cord and Thong Challenge Awards[edit]

One of the highest achievable challenge awards for scouts is that of the Cord or Thong. There are 4 types, namely: the Airman’s Cord, the Bosun’s Cord, the Service Cord, and the Bushman’s Thong.

Patrol Leader Training Unit (PLTU)[edit]

The Patrol Leader Training Unit (PLTU) is a comprehensive leadership course run for young leaders in the Scout Movement.


Star Patrol[edit]

Star Award.png

President's Award[edit]


Air Charge[edit]


Water Charge[edit]

Water Charge Certificate (PDF)


Cub Instructor[edit]

The Cub Instructor badge can be earned by a senior Scout who spends a minimum of 6 months helping the Pack Scouter with the Cub Pack.

Cub Instructor.png

Aids Awareness Badge[edit]

The Aids Awareness Badge covers awareness of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. It forms part of the Discoverer Advancement Level.


Diversity Awareness Badge[edit]

The Diversity Awareness Badge encourages Cubs, Scouts, Rovers and adults to learn more about diversity. It recognises that the values and behaviours of any one group of people are only different, not superior, to those of any other group of people.

Diversity Awareness Badge.jpg