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The Scout Promise[edit]

On my Honour I promise that I will do my best:
To do my duty to God and my country;
To help other people at all times;
To obey the Scout Law.


You make this promise on your “honour” which means you can be trusted and that people can depend on you. Your honour is your pride, your character and your reputation.

Doing your best[edit]

The Scout Promise would be impossible to keep if it did not contain the words “your best” This means that if you fail to live up to the promise but can honestly say “I did my best to keep the promise, but could not”, then you have succeeded.

Duty to God and your country[edit]

You will have a growing understanding of your duty to God and your country as you grow through Scouting, but for now you need to know you owe a duty to both. Following the teaching of your religious leaders and parents, and bringing these into your daily life, will help you to do your duty to God. You should worship in accordance with the teachings of your faith.

Helping others[edit]

Helping others has always been a part of Scouting and a Scout should do a good turn to someone every day. You are going to promise to help other people at all times, which means anyone in need, not just your friends.

Scout Law[edit]

You will also promise to obey the 10 parts to the Scout Law. These practical rules should become a way of life and help you to grow up to be a worthy member of society who will always be there for your fellow men and women. Note: there is one Scout Law with 10 parts. This is why 'Scout Law' is not plural. We do not say 'Scout Laws'.

During investiture[edit]

During the investiture ceremony you will make this promise to your Troop Scouter. Once you have made the promise you are a member of the world wide “Brotherhood/Sisterhood” of Scouting and will be expected to live by the values set out in the Scout Law.