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Welcome to the Scouts Wiki page[edit]


Scouts is for boys and girls between 11 and 17 years old. Being a Scout teaches you how to be independent, how to take responsibility, how to protect your environment, how to contribute to your community and how to be prepared for success!

Hike, sail, fly and camp, get active, respect your environment, be a leader and team player, be inventive, experience the adventure.

Advancement and Badges[edit]

The Scout Trail is the handbook for the full Scout advancement programme from Troop Membership to Springbok level. Note that the current advancement programme is under review and will be rolled out when the books and resources are ready.

The Scout Badge Book contains the Scoutcraft and Interest Badges, Challenge Awards, and includes all the advancement requirements for Troop Membership, Pathfinder, Adventurer, First Class, Explorer / Sea Explorer / Air Explorer and Springbok (Top Award).

See the Scout Advancement Programme for details.

Scouting information and resources[edit]

Scouting Skills[edit]

In the Scouting Skills section, you'll find all the Scoutcraft skills, such as Camping, Hiking and Mapping, Cooking, and First Aid.

Scout Advancement Programme[edit]

The Scout Advancement Programme section is where you'll find the Scout Badge Book and information on Advancement badges.

Interest and Scoutcraft Badges[edit]

The Scout Interest Badges lists the various Interest and Scoutcraft badges that you can achieve as a Scout.


Have a look at the various Awards available, including explanations about Star Awards.


See where your Scout Group came in the various Competitions, and learn about their history.

Patrol Leadership[edit]

If you are a Patrol Leader, or soon to be PL, the Patrol Leadership page will give you some hints and tips about becoming a better leader.

Other useful information[edit]