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Badge requirements[edit]

Scribe Interest Badge
  1. Keep a Patrol log satisfactorily for at least six months and keep a Troop log for at least three months. All major events should be recorded and use should be made of visual material such as sketches or photographs to complete the records.
  2. Explain to the examiner how a meeting should be conducted. This should begin with the preparation of an agenda and sending out of notices, and include the proposing of motions. Explain how minutes are kept and how to ensure that actions decided upon are followed up.
  3. Write letters regarding the following matters and discuss with the examiner how the letters should be transmitted:
    1. A letter to parents inviting them to a Troop event.
    2. A letter to the Group Committee or sponsoring authority conveying the need, expressed by the Court of Honour, for certain equipment.
  4. Explain to the examiner the financial structure of a Scout Group, prepare simple receipts and payment accounts of a Patrol or Troop in a way that would be acceptable to the treasurer.
  5. As far as possible, compile a mailing list, together with telephone numbers, of the members of the Troop, the Group Scouters, the Group Committee and the District Scouters.
  6. Demonstrate to the examiner how you would find the relevant rules regarding items, chosen by the examiner, in the Scouts South Africa policies, Organisation and Rules. The items should include District and Group Organisation, Religious Policy and the Aim of the Scout Movement.
  7. The following alternative may be done in place of No’s 4, 5 and 6 (above):
    1. Produce evidence that you have taught at least one adult to read and write up to the equivalent of at least one year of schooling.

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