Signaller Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Signaller Interest Badge
  1. Demonstrate that you know the recognised procedure when sending and receiving messages.
  2. Construct a morse buzzer set to operate between two rooms.
  3. Send and receive an unrepeated message of not less than 150 letters at rate 7 in semaphore (35 letters per minute).
  4. Send and receive a similar message in morse:
    1. on a buzzer at rate 6 (30 letters per minute);
    2. on a lamp at rate 5 (25 letters per minute).
  5. Improvise at least two methods of sending a message (one in morse and one in semaphore) at least one kilometre, at or over rate 4 (20 letters per minute).
  6. Know how to communicate with a searching aircraft and know the international ground-to-air code.

NOTE: 90% accuracy for sending and receiving is required.

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