Space Explorer Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Space Explorer Interest Badge
  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of the history and development of space exploration.
  2. Describe the purpose of two recent space probes and two recently launched satellites giving the main types of instruments used.
  3. Explain briefly how FIVE of the following problems (your own choice) are overcome in a manned spacecraft:
    1. Radiation;
    2. Meteoroids;
    3. Weightlessness;
    4. Diet;
    5. Sanitation;
    6. Clothing;
    7. Acceleration;
    8. Decleration;
    9. Re-entry;
    10. Breathing and communication.
  4. Show that you have a knowledge of the following:
    1. Reason for weightlessness in orbit or trajectory
    2. The thrust obtained by rockets
    3. Something of the part played by South Africa in space projects
    4. The stage of acceleration and separation for a satellite to go into orbit round the earth; and re-entry problems
    5. The fuel system used in space rockets
    6. The control of a satellite
    7. A particular current space programme and its purpose
  5. Demonstrate your knowledge of the scale of the Solar system by preparing a model showing the relative positions of the planets and their main satellites.
  6. Build a model of a space shuttle or capsule and rocket.

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