Swimming Scoutcraft Badge

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This badge tests a scout swimming ability and challenges them to reach a minimum standard of swimming fitness and professions.

This badge is a prerequisite for:

Badge requirements[edit]

Swimming Scoutcraft Badge
  1. Swim 100 metres in any overarm or crawl style.
  2. Swim 50 metres in clothes (shirt, shorts and socks as minimum) and undress in the water with the feet off the bottom.
  3. Swim 50 metres on the breast and 50 metres on the back (either hands clasped or arms folded in front) and then a further 50 metres any style making 150 metres in all.
  4. Take clothes off on shore. Enter water feet first. Carry shirt in teeth or hand. Swim 10 metres. Swing one end of the shirt into the hands of a 'drowning' person. Tow him to the shore.
  5. Demonstrate, by means of 'clothing inflation', a method of remaining afloat for three minutes.
  6. Execute a reasonable dive into the water from the side of the pool
  7. Dive from the surface of the water and recover with both hands an object from the bottom. The water is not to be more than 2 metres deep.

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