The African Seeds of Scouting

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A collection of African Heritage in Scouting, from Ashanti to Zulu, the African Seeds of Scouting brings together the links between the continent of Africa, and the origins of the worldwide Scout movement.

It concentrates on some of Baden-Powell's earliest ideas which led to Scouting (Mafeking, the Matabele, the Zulu, the Ashanti) and the stories he wrote about Africa in Scouting for Boys. It also gives the origins of Scouting traditions which came from Africa: the Wood Badge Beads, the Left Handshake, and the Kudu Horn.

Seed African Tree.jpg

The seed to the right is from an African tree which propagates by dropping its seed into water, where it is distributed over river shores and ocean beaches by the winds and the currents. In the same way, the African Seeds of Scouting have spread to many different shores, and Scouting has taken root around the whole world.


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  • The African Seeds of Scouting is assembled by Ian Webb for SCOUTS South Africa.
  • Special thanks to Lew Orans of the Pine Tree Web whose web site and personal encouragement provided much inspiration to this site.

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