Treating insect bites and stings

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  • Bites from ticks, fleas and mosquitoes can be very itchy and sometimes painful. Once again, cold water or ice can relieve the pain. Usually these bites are harmless and there is little you need to do, apart from trying not to scratch them. Tell an adult that you have been bitten.
  • The sting of a bee, wasp or scorpion can be very painful, and some people are allergic to bee or scorpion stings. The allergic person will know that they may be in danger and usually, what should be done. They need skilled medical attention as soon as possible. His/her face and eyelids may begin to swell, or they may feel dizzy and have difficulty in breathing. The sting area may begin to swell. Take the Cub to hospital or a doctor without delay. SO GET ADULT HELP - FAST. Remove the sting as fast as possible because the poison keeps pumping out for quite some time after you have been stung. The secret is not to squeeze the poison sac. Hold the blunt end of a knife, match stick or credit card as near to the skin as possible and scrape the sting out gently. A cold compress will relieve the pain and swelling, but remember to show an adult what you have done as soon as possible.