Water Biologist Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Water Biologist Interest Badge
  1. Make a waterscope and demonstrate its use.
  2. Examine the insect, animal and plant life found in a stretch of sea or inland water chosen by yourself. Report with illustrations on the varieties of plant life found. How do these sustain the animal, fish or insect life in the area? Describe how we can preserve this life.
  3. Describe in detail three classes of life found in your water area. Display them in an aquarium if possible.
  4. Report actual instances where pollution has affected the growth of life along our coasts or harbours and holiday resorts. Discuss with the examiner the regulations governing the collecting of bait and edible sea life such as crabs, crayfish, mussels and perlemoen.
  5. Describe the steps that you recommend should be taken to preserve the balance of nature in the area.
  6. Show that you have a knowledge of the water cycle or how pollution, alien vegetation and human misuse have affected our inland waters.

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