Watermanship Scoutcraft Badge

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The activities used are in this badge is to assist in a scout get the basic understanding of boating (nautical) knowledge and water safety.

Badge requirements[edit]

Watermanship Scoutcraft Badge
  1. Have passed the Swimming Scoutcraft Badge, or complete all the requirements for it. Be prepared to be examined on any requirement of the Scoutcraft Badge, with an age appropriate level of skill.
  2. Demonstrate how to load a pulling boat with stores and personnel, and how to trim the boat correctly.
  3. Explain the following:
    1. Safety rules applicable to boating in your area.
    2. The International Rules of the Road concerning right of way of power boats, rowing boats, canoes and boats under sail.
    3. Rules applicable to personal buoyancy.
    4. How and why you would check the boat for buoyancy.
  4. Take clothes off on shore. Enter water feet first. Carry shirt in teeth or hand. Swim 10 metres. Swing one end of the shirt into the hands of a 'drowning' person. Tow him to the shore.
  5. Know the signs of approaching bad weather as well as fine weather for your area.
  6. Know and understand the resuscitation of the apparently drowned.
  7. Demonstrate the following knots:
  8. Demonstrate how to prevent a synthetic rope from fraying.
  9. Name all the parts of a pulling boat.
  10. Cast a heaving line at least 8 metres to fall within 2 markers spaced 2 metres apart.
  11. Manage a dinghy or similar craft single-handed and perform the following:
    1. Row at least 100 metres in a given direction, turn the craft as directed and row back.
    2. Scull with one oar over the stern for a distance of at least 50 metres.
    3. Weigh and drop anchor correctly.
    4. Bring alongside and make fast.
    5. Rescue a conscious person from the water.
  12. Discuss and carry out capsize drill.
  13. Log at least 3 hours of pulling. The log must be certified by your Troop Scouter

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