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Wilby “Lanky” Joul was born in the United Kingdom in 1924. In the late 1940’s he immigrated to South Africa and never returned to the land of his birth. He met his future wife here and they were married. They had two sons Michael and Brian. His wife inherited a piece of land from her mother, on the corner of Lea Road and Ailsa Street Ottery. He built a house on the property that was to be his and his wife's home for the rest of their lives. His wife passed away in January 2006.

Lanky was involved with the now defunct Group, 4th Wynberg, for over 30 years as Troop Scouter (1962 to 1964) and Group Scouter (1964 to 1992). Following that, he was a District Scouter and then A.D.C. General Duties (Admin). He served in these last two posts under D.C's Atom Airth, Phillip Mauritz and Terry Coetzee.

He held the 40 year bar to the Long Service Medal as well as a Bar to the Medal of Merit.

Besides his strong conviction for accuracy, in everything that he did, the most significant item that most older Scouters will remember about him, is the way he got to Scouting Activities on his bicycle. He completed quite a few Argus Cycle tours, when he was already in his late sixties. He did this on a bicycle that only had 1 gear, unlike his fellow competitors, who rode multi geared machines and he qualified for a finisher's medal on quite a few occasions.

He was very much a "backroom boy" allowing others to take the credit for work that he did himself within Scouting. While cleaning out a cabinet at the District Hall, which was previously 4th Wynbergs hall, a Troop Log Book came to light. It contained a meticulous summary, of every meeting with recommendations, over a period of about 12 months.

When he was doing the District Records, he also kept precise details of every form that he handed to H.Q. or the District. He would keep a copy of the form and use the back of the form to keep a record of who and when he had dealt with someone in connection with the form. All this was done without the use of modern machines such as computers. When he resigned, all these records were handed over to the District and will be of great help to the current, as well as future D.C’s.

He resigned this position in 2006, due to deteriorating health and age.

It was strange not to see Lanky at the BP Sunday this year, as it was the first time in many years that he was not able to attend.

His health has been deteriorating slowly, over the past few years and his memory was fading, though he would still remember the old familiar faces and welcome them with his standard greeting, “Hello Chum”.

He collapsed at home about 4 weeks ago and was rushed to hospital. When the DC went to visit him, a few days before he passed away, Lanky looked up and smiled and offered the standard greeting of “Hello Chum”. When the D.C. left he lifted his head and said “Goodbye Chum and my regards to all.”

Terry Coetzee – DC Constantiaberg (CW9)
August 2009