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World Friendship Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirementsEdit

World Friendship Interest Badge
  1. Have corresponded regularly (ie about once a month) with a Scout in another country and produce evidence to the examiner that you have written to the Scout on more than four occasions.
  2. Describe the functions and organisational structure of the World Scout Organisation such as the World Scout Conference, the World Scout Committee, the World Scout Bureau, the Regions and the Zones. Know to which Zone and Region your association belongs.
    1. Be able to name all the independent countries in southern Africa south of the Zambesi.
    2. Choose one of these independent countries (other than your own) and carry out a study of it. Discuss your study with the examiner, covering such topics as location, size, population, agriculture, industry, mining, problems and the differences in the way of life between that country and your own.
  3. Do any THREE of the following:
    1. Camp or hike for at least 5 days with Scouts of another ethnic group, or from another country, (either in your own or their country). Produce a logbook covering the event and include your impressions and knowledge gained.
    2. Take part in an international Scout event in another country.
    3. Take part in a national Scout event at which Scouts from another country or countries are present.
    4. Entertain in your home for not less than 3 days a Scout or Scouts from another country.
    5. Explain the preamble of the United Nations Charter. Outline the United Nations Organisation, its purpose and the functions of its principal subsidiary bodies. Describe 5 things the United Nations does.
    6. Learn and teach your Patrol a folk song or campfire stunt/item from another Scout country. Perform the song or stunt/item at a Troop Campfire.

    Produce evidence that you have shared a subject of common interest with a Scout of another country by exchanging at least 8 letters; and have exchanged such things as stamps, or Scout badges, or have carried on

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