Chief Scouts of South Africa

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Year appointed Chief Scout of South Africa Photo
2017 Dr Brendon Hausberger
Dr Brendon Hausberger.png
2014 Sibusiso Vilani
Sibusiso Vilani.png
2005 Vukile Mehana
Vukile Mehana.png
1995 Nkwenkwe Nkomo
Nkwenkwe Nkomo.png
1985 Hurbert William Garnet De La Hunt
Hurbert William Garnet De La Hunt.png
1977 Colin James Inglis
Colin James Inglis.png
1973 Charles Martin
Charles Martin.png
1968 Carveth Geach
Carveth Geach.png
1958 Lt Col A H Johnstone
Lt Col A H Johnstone.png
1953 E Percy Fowle
Mr. Fowle joined the Manning Road Methodist Troop in Durban in 1910. Later, he joined the Y.M.C.A. and St. Paul's Troops in Durban. From 1917 to 1919 he was on active war service. From 1922 to 1925 he was Assistant Scoutmaster of the Mansfield Road Troop and in 1944 was appointed District Commissioner of the Durban and District scouts. A year later he became Divisional Commissioner of Natal. In 1951 Mr. Fowle was appointed Chief Scout's Commissioner and became Chief Scout of South Africa in 1953.
E Percy Fowle.png
1951 Sir Herbert Stanley
Sir Herbert Stanley.png
1945 Gideon Brand van Zyl
Gov-Gen 1945-1951
Gideon Brand van Zyl.png
1943 Nicolaas Jacobus De Wet
Chief Justice acting Gov-Gen 1943-1945
Nicolaas Jacobus De Wet.png
1937 Sir Patrick Duncan
Sir Patrick Duncan.png
1931 The Earl of Clarendon
Gov-Gen 1931-1937
(George Herbert Hyde Villiers)
The Earl of Clarendon.png
1924 The Earl of Athlone
Gov-Gen 1924-1931
(Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred George Cambridge)
The Earl of Athlone.png
1920 Prince Arthur of Connaught
Gov-Gen 1920-1923
(Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert)
Prince Arthur of Connaught.png
1914 The Viscount Buxton
Gov-Gen 1914-1920
(Sydney Charles Buxton)
Sydney Charles Buxton2.png
1910 The Viscount Gladstone
Gov-Gen 1910-1914
(Herbert John Gladstone)
Herbert John Gladstone.png