Roles and responsibilities of Patrol Leaders

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The Patrol Leader's job is very rewarding, but it comes with some responsibilities.

Responsibilities of a Patrol Leader

Roles of a Patrol Leader

  • Live the Scout Law and Promise and get patrol members to do the same.
  • Learn all you can about your job in order to be a good Leader.
  • Provide challenging, worthwhile and fun activities for your Patrol meetings,
  • Delegate every member a definite job for a part in the Patrol's activities.
  • Keep ahead on advancement so as to be prepared to teach patrol members.
  • Qualify to be able to take your Patrol camping and hiking.
  • Get to know the parents and everything about each member (your friends).
  • Get a Patrol spirit going in your Patrol, members should want to belong.
  • Wear your uniform correctly and neatly so your patrol will too.
  • Attend Court of Honour (COH) meetings and raise matters affecting your Patrol.
  • Work with the Troop Scouter and other Leaders to make the Troop run well.

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