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The Scout Wiki is a resource site intended to help members of SCOUTS South Africa that are running programs within Scouts South Africa. Much of the material presented here is provided by site members and may not be officially endorsed SCOUTS South Africa.

What is a wiki

A wiki is a website specifically focussed for the storage and categorisation of knowledge, developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content. The term "wiki" means quick in Hawaiian: it is quick to create and modify content to ensure a continual development of knowledge and information.

The most important part of a wiki is the collaborative editing by the users. If you can read it, you can edit it. It is simple, but extremely powerful.

Purpose of the Scout Wiki

The purpose of our wiki is to provide a collaborative platform for sharing Scout-related knowledge and heritage. It allows you to easily find knowledge, improving the resources available to members of SSA. If you have useful information, resources or knowledge, share it on the wiki!

What is the wiki good for?

Many things will be well placed on the wiki. For example:

  • Historical records and information that is useful for others to know (e.g. historic competition results)
  • Educational material, Scoutcraft skills
  • Badge requirements
  • Advancement programme
  • Campfire songs, skits, cheers
  • Scout cooking recipes
  • Topics such as Baden-Powell, Mafeking, the history of Scouting
  • And much more!

What is the wiki NOT good for?

  • Announcements, such as your Group bingo evening. The wiki should store more permanent information.
  • Group specific information, unless useful to the wider community.
  • Anything temporary
  • Anything which is copyrighted by someone else (it's OK to create a link to it, but you can't upload a copy of it)
  • Contents which is not suitable for a Scouting audience or which would reflect badly on the organisation

Our goal?

We want the whole Scouting community to be able contribute to the wiki in order to have a central place for all Scouting resources. All those useful files of Scoutcraft skills that you have saved on your computer - these should be available to anyone on the wiki. Do you have a special skill that is useful to Scouts - write a wiki page about it.

Who may edit the wiki

Anyone! You first need to create an account, and once that is approved, go for it. This means that Adult members, Youth members, and even parents are welcome to add to the knowledge. It just needs to be related to Scouts, and beneficial to others.

I'm afraid I won't get it right

Don't worry! You can't break anything. The whole point of a wiki is that others can edit and improve on articles. So if you are worried that your article is far from perfect, don't stress - someone else will be able to refine it and improve it. And you'll be able to improve on the improvements.

How do I update the wiki

See How to update the wiki for more details.