Videographer Scout Interest Badge

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(Previously Cameraman Scout Interest Badge)

Badge requirements


Note: This badge can be passed using either a video or digital camera

  1. Take your camera and accessories, such as storage media, batteries, microphones, and lights etc, to the examiner and demonstrate how the equipment is used. Show that you know how to care for your equipment. Discuss the differences between recording video on a video camera, digital camera, and a smartphone.
  2. Show that you understand:
    1. camera techniques such as panning, zooming, close-ups, long shots and using additional lighting.
    2. production techniques such as editing, how to avoid jumpy cuts and maintaining continuity
  3. Describe to the examiner how you would plan a shoot of a Scouting event, or a film plot with a story line, highlighting the problems you would encounter with continuity. After shooting explain how you would use editing to increase the pace of the film.
  4. Produce an audio-visual film, lasting at least 15 minutes, of a Scouting event, that could be used as a training aid for the Troop or Pack, or as an item of entertainment at a parents' evening.
  5. In addition to the material used in section 4, produce two short films (3 – 5 minutes each), which will demonstrate your ability to use the camera. Create a simple storyboard and script for each. You can edit the film 'in camera' of by using simple editing tools. The subjects should include:
    1. A documentary.
    2. A music video.
    3. A situational comedy or drama.
    4. A training film.
    5. An advertisement.

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