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This page is a working document, outlining the work that you can help with on the wiki. The list is arranged in order of priority. Below the list is a further list of all pages that are tagged with the category "Work to be done".

Work already done

Number of Content pages 400 600 800 1 000 1 500
Date achieved Feb 2019 Dec 2019
Total Editors 6 11
Active editors (last 30 days) 4 3
Uploaded files 1 638 2 601
Edits per page 1.89 1.81
Total page edits 7 293

List of work required

  1. Convert all existing PDF files to text. For example:
  2. Add Meerkats material
    • Meerkat badge book Images for all Meerkat badges to be obtained and added to existing pages.
    • Meerkat Trail
  3. Improve appearance on mobile devices (RyanHultzer)
  4. Convert Scoutcraft Badges to use Template:Scoutcraft Badge
  5. More content about Rovering
  6. Competition and awards from Gauteng, KZN, and other regions
  7. Scouting skills to be added

Nice to have ideas

  1. Statistics page with
    • Number of pages
    • Number of pictures
    • Size of files uploaded
    • Number of visitors (local vs. international)
    • Number of new unique visitors
    • Visitors per editor
    • New pages /day
    • Pages viewed/visitor

Pages that need work