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Welcome to the Meerkats Wiki page


Stand Tall - the Meerkat Adventure has arrived! The Meerkat programme is designed to provide a growth and development opportunity for children aged 5 and 6 years old. It is based on the Scout Method, with material relevant to the age and education level.

In 2019 we started piloting a Meerkat branch and on 1 October 2019 we officially launched the Meerkats.

To find out more about the Meerkats or to embark on the Meerkat Adventure, visit the pages on this wiki or follow the links to our national website.

The Meerkat Trail

The Meerkat Trail provides the badges and awards that a Meerkat can earn, starting when they earn their Membership and continuing with the three Advancement Badges of Bronze Star, Silver Star and Gold Star. They will earn Challenge Badges on seven different themes, and finally their Burrowing Up Badge when they turn 7 and become a Cub.

Along the way, they can also earn Interest Badges on a wide range of fun topics, and three Special Badges.

Meerkat information and resources

National website

Find out more about Meerkats on the national SCOUTS South Africa website at