Food for Life - Starter Badge

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Badge requirements

Food for Life - Starter
Food for Life - Starter

Complete item 1. or items 2-8.

  1. If the Scout held the Food for Life Starter badge as Cub, they need to do the following:
    1. Explain the contents of the badge to the examiner; and
    2. Demonstrate one of the requirements.
  2. OR (complete 2-8)
  3. Explain what the best place and size for a food garden are.
  4. Obtain or make garden tools and explain how to use and look after them (rake, spade and watering can).
  5. Prepare the soil, including mulching.
  6. Sow seeds or plant seedlings.
  7. Explain how to use water sparingly.
  8. Harvest one vegetable or fruit.
  9. Explain why vegetables and fruit should be eaten (nutrition).

Note: Container gardening is also acceptable

Requirements in PDF

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