Blood knot

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Blood Knot

A blood knot (barrel knot) is a bend used for joining monofilament nylon line and is especially used in fishing. Other knots used can cause a loss of line strength.

The drawback to the blood knot is the dexterity required to tie it. It is a jamming knot, which is not a concern in fishing line, which is no great loss to cut, but may be a concern in normal rope.

The blood knot is the best bend there is for small, stiff or slippery line. The ends may be trimmed short and the knot offers the least resistance possible when drawn through water.

Tying the knot

In tying the blood knot,

Blood knot step by step
  • the two lines to be joined are overlapped for 6–8 cm with the short ends of the two lines in opposite directions.
  • The short end of one line is wrapped 4–6 times around the second line
  • The remaining portion of the first short end is brought back and passed between the lines at the beginning of the wraps.
  • The short end of the second line is then wrapped 4–6 times around the first line and the end of this line brought back and passed through what is now an oval space between the first wrap of each set.
  • The knot is tightened by moistening it and pulling on the long ends of the line. This causes the wraps to tighten and compress, creating two short sections of "barrel", that slide together.
  • The short ends of the line are then trimmed close to the wraps.

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