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Throughout his life, Baden-Powell was a prolific writer and published a large number of books on topics of Scouting, military strategy and citizenship. He was regarded as an excellent storyteller and many of his books are still useful resources to members of the Scout Movement.

Scouting books

Military books

  • 1884: Reconnaissance and Scouting (PDF)
  • 1885: Cavalry Instruction (PDF)
  • 1889: Pigsticking or Hoghunting (view online)
  • 1896: The Downfall of Prempeh (PDF)
  • 1897: The Matabele Campaign (PDF)
  • 1899: Aids to Scouting for N.-C.Os and Men (PDF)
  • 1900: Sport in War (PDF)
  • 1901: Notes and Instructions for the South African Constabulary
  • 1905: Ambidexterity
  • 1907: Sketches in Mafeking and East Africa (PDF)
  • 1910: British Discipline
  • 1914: Quick Training for War (PDF)

Other works

  • 1901: Report on the siege of Mafeking (PDF)
  • 1955: B.-P.'s Outlook: Selections from the Founder's contributions to "The Scouter" magazine from 1909–1940 (PDF)
  • 1956: Adventuring with Baden-Powell: Stories, yarns and essays
  • 2007: Playing the Game: A Baden-Powell Compendium