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The buddy system is a way for Cubs and Scouts to stay safe when outdoors, or while swimming. You should always find another person (your buddy), and stay close to them when outdoors.

Purpose of the buddy system

  • It is an effective way to help manage the safety of large groups.
  • If a person is alone, no one may notice if they go missing or have trouble. With two or more together, someone will notice and be able to help.
  • It reinforces the character development trait, provides responsibility, and promotes friendships.

How to do it properly

  • Have at least one buddy or partner with you when on water or hiking. A buddy team may consist of three Scouts when necessary, if there is an odd number in a group. When hiking, a minimum group of 4 is required, split into pairs.
  • Buddies should know each other and be comfortable together.
  • Your buddy should be of similar age, ability (e.g. hiking or swimming ability) and maturity .
  • Always know where your buddy is and stay close.
    • If your buddy leaves the water, you should leave as well until you are both ready to return.
  • Each buddy is responsible for the other.
  • If your buddy is having a problem, you must alert the leaders in charge.

Buddy checks

When swimming, the leader or lifeguard may blow their whistle for a buddy check. All pairs should raise each other's hands to show that buddies have not split apart.

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