Campfire Skits - Chicken Farm

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The skit starts out, with 3 or 4 campers in a line and another camper (playing the hatchery owner) over on the other side of the stage.

The first camper (playing the Farmer) in the line pretends to start a truck, and the whole group "drives" over to the hatchery owner.

When they get there, the Farmer gets out of the truck, and walks over to the owner while the other campers (playing the crew) stay in the truck.

The farmer and owner greet, and the farmer announces that he would like to by 4 dozen chickens, the owner says alright, and they agree upon a price. Upon agreeing on the price, the two spit in their hands and shake.

The farmer then turns to his truck, and shouts, "Hey you guys, get on outta that truck an' load up these here chickens!" (note: for a good laugh, the farmer can slur all of the words together, so almost nobody can understand them.) The Crew gets out, and they load up the chickens. While the chickens are being loaded, the farmer and owner can chat about the weather.

Once all of the chickens are loaded, the farmer gets back in his truck, and he and the crew all drive back to the Farm.

Narrator comes onto stage and announces: "One week later" then the cast repeats the process 2 more times...

On the third time through, farmer announces that he would like to buy 5 dozen chickens. The owner whistles, and says, "man, you must have a pretty good sized farm going on now."

The farmer then replies, "Well, I really can't tell yet, but I think I'm either planting them too deep, or too far apart."