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Badge requirements

Chess Player
Chess Player
  1. Discuss with the examiner in detail all the fundamental laws of chess, including:
    1. The moves of each piece.
    2. Setting up the chessboard for a game.
    3. Conditions of checkmate.
    4. Conditions for a draw (with or without stalemate).
    5. Castling on both sides.
    6. En passant.
    7. Taking of pieces.
    8. Order of moves.
  2. Discuss the relative values of pieces with the examiner
  3. Demonstrate how checkmate can be obtained by:
    1. King and 1 Rook.
    2. King and 2 Rooks.
    3. King and 2 Bishops.
    4. King and Queen.
    5. King and Pawn.
  4. Demonstrate the recordings of a chess game during play using either of the recognised notations. Show how an unfinished game is recorded for future play. Know the following symbols:
    1. Castling on the King's side.
    2. Castling on the Queen's side.
    3. Check.
    4. Checkmate.
    5. Good move.
    6. Poor move.
  5. List the last 5 World Chess Champions and discuss with the examiner the following points:
    1. Their favourite openings.
    2. Their favourite defences.
    3. Where they won their titles, against whom they played and to whom they lost their titles.
  6. Teach a beginner the fundamental rules of chess and 3 recognised openings.
  7. Solve any 3 chess problems set by the examiner or play 3 games against the examiner.

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