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For Scouters and those who score Cub and Scout competitions.

Latest version: 7.00
Author: Nigel Forshaw

Download software

The Competition Scoring software may be downloaded from here and runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11. The download is 1.16MB but an Internet connection is required during installation to cater for any components that are not already (likely) installed on your computer.


Open the downloaded executable and answer the questions.

Functionality of the Competition Results Database

The Competition Results Database software is designed for scoring a Cub or Scout competition. Any Cub or Scout competition may be configured. The three major requirements for the configuration are:

  1. The names of teams/Sixes/Patrols who take part.
  2. The definition of the activities or tests that make up the competition.
  3. The definition of all Trophies which are awarded to the winners. A Trophy depends on tests/activities being assigned to it.

Team results/marks/scores of activities may be entered into the package after which the following reports may be generated:

  • Competition Itinerary - the dates and times of activities.
  • Judge List - the names of judges with their abbreviation.
  • Judge Mark Sheets - the judge writes the result/score/mark on this sheet for all teams.
  • Competition Tests - the definition of activities with mark break down/judge marking criteria, time and name of judge.
  • Outstanding Results - results/marks/scores for which no entry is made.
  • Team Mark Sheets - The final mark sheet handed to each team leader at the end of the competition.
  • Competition Winners - list of the winners of the various configured Trophies.
  • Export to csv - export the final result of the competition to a csv file which can then be manipulated in 3rd party packages such as Microsoft Excel.

Advantages over a spreadsheet

Why use a configurable package like this rather than use a spreadsheet? The reasons are:

  • Reporting is made very easy using this package.
  • All the calculations of a competition are done for you, for any number of Trophies which depend on different activities/tests. There is no need to design a spreadsheet which is prone to error if a formula is typed in incorrectly, not replicated/whatever.
  • A competition can be defined very quickly assuming the activities and team names are known.
  • It is claimed by the author of this package, that the use of a spreadsheet is an inherently dodgy tool because it is too easy to mess up formulas and affect the result of a competition.


Competition Results Database V7.00

  • A new database engine is used.
  • The Judge Mark sheet is tweaked to cater for longer breakdowns for a test by using a smaller font.

Competition Results Database V6.04

  • There is no new functionality but some reports have been reformatted very slightly.

Competition Results Database V6.03

  • The improved landscape judge mark sheet has the option of printing already entered results.

Competition Results Database V6.02

  • An improved landscape judge mark sheet is now available.

Competition Results Database V6.01

  • No functionality changes. Only an updated version of the database engine is used.

Competition Results Database V6.00

  • Individual team members may be configured and assigned to teams. They may have test scores recorded which are then summed and may count towards a team and a test. A test is then made up of a general team score and the sum of the individual scores.
  • A new Judge Mark sheet is introduced which is more akin to the standard one many Scout competitions use.
  • Reports have columns that line up better.
  • The Yes/No terminology in the package is replaced with the more standard look and feel of the check box.
  • A new database engine is used.