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This badge is designed to introduce a Scout to the concept of environmental conservation, demonstrate the impact a human has on the earth, and what we can do to save our natural resources.

Badge requirements

  1. Understand the Outdoor Code and discuss the importance of the different points of it. What is meant by the term "Sustainable Planet" and discuss how you can contribute to this ideal.
  2. Make a sketch illustrating the complete water cycle using and describing the following terms: precipitation, run-off, groundwater, water table, evaporation, transpiration.
  3. Show you are familiar with the main causes of the following types of pollution and how they can be controlled:
    1. Water
    2. Air (including noise)
    3. Soil
    4. Waste
  4. Know the dangers of soil erosion by wind and water. Demonstrate practically how soil erosion can be combatted.
  5. Know the threats posed by alien vegetation and the measures being taken to eradicate these. Identify the main invader plants in your area.
  6. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Help establish and maintain a sanctuary (demonstrating an interest in conservation and a wish to conserve nature).
    2. Make a 100-1000m nature trail which comprises signage for plants and animals which occur in your area. Take your Patrol or Troop on the trail.
    3. Establish a bird cafeteria by planting an area with trees and shrubs which bear flowers or fruit attractive to the birds in your area.
    4. Make a pond or bird bath and identify 3 species of birds that visit it.
    5. Build a brush pile for wildlife.
    6. Make and maintain an aquarium for one month
    7. Build up a collection of 5 plaster casts (made by yourself) of animal and bird tracks.
    8. Upload 10 photographs/observations of wild animals or naturally occurring plants to
  7. Plan and carry out yourself or with others a conservation project covering ONE of the following:
    1. Clean water
    2. Clean air
    3. Wildlife
    4. Erosion
    5. Planting trees
    6. Cleaning up a roadside, picnic ground, vacant plot, stream, or beach.
    7. Anti-litter campaign with your Patrol or Troop.
    8. Alien plant clearing.
    9. Any other conservation project agreed to by your examiner.
  8. Make a solar cooker or haybox and cook something for your patrol.

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