Cub Aircraft Badge

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Badge requirements

Aircraft Cub Interest Badge
Aircraft Cub Interest Badge
  1. Identify FIVE different aircraft in flight or from models or photographs OR attend an air show and list FIVE planes seen at the air show.
  2. Make and fly a model aircraft (not necessarily engine driven).
  3. Make a sketch of your favourite model aircraft or helicopter and label the following parts of the aircraft:
    • Fuselage
    • Undercarriage
    • Engine and propeller (if fitted) OR engine and main rotor (for helicopters)
    • Wing **
    • Ailerons **
    • Rudder **
    • Elevator **
    • Cockpit
    Note: the parts marked with an ** to be replaced by "Tail rotor" in the case of helicopters.
  4. Make a sketch of an airfield, label the following places and explain their use to the examiner:
    • Hangar
    • Apron
    • Control Tower
    • Main airports building
    • Windsock

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