Cub Boating Badge

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Badge requirements

Boating Cub Interest Badge
Boating Cub Interest Badge
  1. Hold the Open Water Swimming badge.
  2. Know the rules of safe boating.
  3. Know how to choose and wear an approved personal buoyancy device of the correct size and demonstrate the correct method of floating while wearing it.
  4. Be able to float on your back for SIXTY seconds without a personal buoyancy device and for FIVE minutes with a personal buoyancy device.
  5. Be able to tread water for FOUR minutes wearing Boating Gear (at least boating shoes, long jeans, a shirt and a personal buoyancy device).
  6. Be able to swim 250m in Boating Gear in open water (dams/lakes).
  7. Do any TWO of the following:
    • Help to repair a boat or canoe.
    • With adult help build a raft and take the adult rafting.
    • Paddle a canoe 50m, turn and paddle back.
    NOTE: A letter from the adult must be produced.

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