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Badge requirements

Computer Cub Interest Badge
Computer Cub Interest Badge
  1. Know the various parts of a computer and explain what they are used for:
    • CPU
    • Keyboard
    • Screen
    • Printer
    • Mouse
    • Speakers
    • USB port
    • Router and Ethernet cable
  2. Show a basic knowledge of a computer keyboard and its functions.
  3. Explain how to care for a computer and its components.
  4. List FIVE uses of a computer in your daily life.
  5. Show how to transfer a file from one computer to another using two of the following methods:
    • USB stick
    • E-mail
    • Web service (e.g. the Cloud, Drop box, etc.)
    • Shared folder
  6. Show a person who has never used a computer before how to start a computer, open an application, save work, exit an application and turn off the computer.
  7. Know the personal safety rules which you need to remember when using the internet.
  8. Explain the functions of FIVE commands (e.g. cut, paste, copy, etc.) in any application.
  9. Choose (a) or (b)
    • (a) Write an article for your Pack Log book using a word processing application on the computer. Print a draft article then the final report explaining the changes you made.
    • (b) Using a computer design one of the following:
      • A flyer/poster advertising Cubs
      • A new Cub badge
  10. Under supervision, search for information on the internet and show how to send and receive e-mail.

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