Cub Conservation Badge

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Badge requirements

Conservation Cub Interest Badge
Conservation Cub Interest Badge

Do any THREE of the following:

  1. Name an animal in Southern Africa that is in danger of extinction and explain why.
  2. Draw and explain a simple picture that shows how water that falls as rain gets to your water tap and where it goes when it leaves your house.
  3. Make a poster reflecting ways you and your family can reduce your carbon footprint.
  4. Do ONE of the following:
    • Carry out an experiment that shows how soil may be lost or ruined and how grass or other plants help protect soil.
    • Implement a water saving technique at home and show the technique or the water savings achieved, i.e. keep a record for a week before and after? Show the examiner your results.
  5. Visit a fauna or flora reserve and report how these reserves conserve animals and plants.

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