Cub Cooking Badge

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Badge requirements

Cooking Cub Interest Badge
Cooking Cub Interest Badge
  1. Know why you should wash your hands before preparing food.
  2. Know the correct way to dispose of rubbish both at home and in the bush when camping.
  3. Braai meat and potatoes properly over an open fire.
  4. Prepare and cook the main meal and a hot drink for the family. Wash up and put away the dishes and utensils.
  5. Do any ONE of the following. Share what you have made with others.
    • Prepare and cook scones, a tart, or a cake.
    • Make some sweets, e.g. fudge, toffee, etc.
    • Make mealiemeal or oats or mabela porridge or putu.
    • Make a stew or meat and vegetables.
  6. Learn the dangers of working with a hot stove, microwave oven and cooking over an open fire.

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