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Badge requirements

Geologist Cub Interest Badge
Geologist Cub Interest Badge

Do any FOUR of the following:

  1. Explain what a geological map is and why Geologists use them. Be able to point out any mining activity or major faulting on the map.
  2. List the three major rock classes that can be found. Name two rock types from each class.
  3. List at least five tools that a Geologist will use in the field or on a mine.
  4. List at least five types of minerals that are mined in South Africa and where they are mined in the country.
  5. Make a drawing to show the causes of a volcano, a geyser, and an earthquake.
  6. Make a drawing that explains the following:
    • A normal fault
    • A reverse fault
    • A Dyke
    • A Sill
    • Folding
  7. Explain one way in which mountains are formed.
  8. Make a collection of ten small pieces of different semi-precious stones found in Southern Africa. Label them with their correct names and where they were collected.

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