Cub Naturalist Badge

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Badge requirements

Naturalist Cub Interest Badge
Naturalist Cub Interest Badge

Do any FOUR of the following:

  1. Keep a "zoo" of insects such as ants, grasshoppers, cricket, or praying mantises for four weeks.
  2. Set up an aquarium or terrarium and keep it for four weeks using plants you have collected.
  3. Make a migration chart showing the pathways followed by migratory birds that visit Southern Africa.
  4. Observe six animals (birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, or mammals) in their natural habitat. Describe the place where they were seen and what they were doing.
  5. Visit a museum of natural history or zoo and find out the purpose of the place visited and the things collected.
  6. Know the names of important game reserves and explain why they exist. Name some of the animals found in the game reserves and how they are being conserved by the reserve.
  7. Draw (or trace) and colour three animals which are not found in any continent but Africa.

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