Cub Religion and Life Badge

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Badge requirements

Religion and Life Cub Interest Badge
Religion and Life Cub Interest Badge

(You must have passed your 10th birthday before you start this badge)

  1. Write a prayer of thanks that could be used in your family.
  2. Find out about the Scriptures/Holy Books in your religion – tell the examiner about how they came into being, how they are organised, and your favourite text.
  3. Find out what someone must do to be accepted as a member in your religious community.
  4. Tell the examiner about the most important religious holy days in your religion.
  5. Be a regular participant in the life of your religious community and tell the examiner why you think this is important.
  6. Make a poster explaining your faith to others in your Pack.
  7. Share with the examiner why your faith is important to you and how you think this connects with your Cub Promise.

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