Cub Repairs Badge

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Badge requirements

Repairs Cub Interest Badge
Repairs Cub Interest Badge
  1. Discuss the different types of glue that can be used for different materials.
  2. Use glue to repair a broken article.
  3. Demonstrate to the examiner how to replace a washer in a leaky tap OR how to repair a fence.
  4. Demonstrate to the examiner how to repair an electrical plug.
  5. Refurbish or repaint something.
  6. Show that you know how to use and take care of any FOUR of the following: screwdriver, hammer, vice, wood plane, brace and bit, pliers, adjustable wrench, saw or G-cramp, hand drill, battery operated drill.
  7. Do a good turn for an elderly person or an organisation that supports the needy by doing some basic outdoor repairs (e.g. a gate at granny's home, etc.)

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