Cub Showman Badge

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Badge requirements

Showman Cub Interest Badge
Showman Cub Interest Badge

Do satisfactorily FOUR activities in ONE of FOUR entertainment fields offered:

    • Write a puppet play.
    • Make a set of hand puppets or marionettes for the play you have written.
    • Construct a simple stage for hand puppets, shadow puppets, or marionettes.
    • Alone or with others put on a puppet show for your Pack.
    • Make two puppets from socks and put on a one-man show.
  2. MUSIC
    • Demonstrate your ability to play four tunes on a musical instrument.
    • Sing two songs alone or with a group.
    • Explain what folk music is and hum, sing, or play a folk song.
    • Name three Southern African composers and a composition written by each one.
    • Draw a staff, clef, sharp, flat, natural note, rest, and explain their use.
    • Lead or take a prominent part in a traditional dance.
  3. DRAMA
    • Recite a patriotic or humorous monologue.
    • Attend a play and describe the story, explaining what you liked and disliked.
    • Read a play and describe the story.
    • Write, produce and join in a one-act play.
    • Describe the difference between opera, musical comedy, and drama.
    • Take part in a Scout show or similar amateur performance.
    • Describe theatre in the round and point out its advantages and disadvantages.
    • Demonstrate traditional attire.
    • Demonstrate your ability at playing a traditional instrument.
    • Sing two traditional songs.
    • Perform two traditional dances.
    • Explain the story behind two traditional dances.
    • Tell a traditional folk story.

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